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What Should You Do In Case Of Accident At Work?

What Should You Do In Case Of Accident At Work?

By on Mar 2, 2016 in Labor |

Labor Law regulates the implementation and promotion of safety and health of a person who is participating in the work processes, as well as person that was in the working environment in the time of accident, in order to prevent injuries, occupational diseases and diseases related to work.

To perform certain tasks of state administration in the field of safety and health at work, the Government established Labor Law related to Safety and Health at Work as an administrative body within the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Policy.

Rights, obligations and responsibilities of employers and employees are very clearly defined in the Labor Law. Thus it protects the worker’s rights as well as employer’s rights.

This Law defines what the minimum wage should be, how working conditions should be, in other words, it defines all that is important for one worker to function normally and work without any major obstacles. The better conditions for worker – the better productivity we’ll get.

An employee is a domestic or foreign natural person who is employed by the employer, as a person who is or will be trained to work with the employer, unless the person is employed by the employer for the discharge of the household help.

Worker’s health should be on the first of every employer. The experienced employer knows how it is important for his business to keep his workers in the best possible health condition, without a health worker there is no company at all.

Although this should be employer’s responsibility and job, sometimes they just don’t pay attention to worker’s health. Therefore, we advise you to gather more info, if situation like that occurred.

First of all, they are well familiar with your rights and they can help you to remove all the doubts about your workplace. Most people in the case of injury don’t hire a lawyer and eventually they finish by losing a lot. Sometimes going on the Court is better than doing nothing.

Some people are intimidated by Courts but that is totally wrong opinion, its main purpose is to defend our rights.



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